Mission and Vision Statement

To Promote the Fraternity of Master Mariners in Supporting And Strengthening Our Role In The Maritime Industry

To be the Leading Professional Body In All Aspects of Maritime Activities.

To achieve our Mission and Vision following strategies to be followed:-

Strategy 1 : Dissemination of information & uplift of professional knowledge

  1. Further Education of Mariners
  2. Dissemination of information for e.g. :
    * Examination Rules
    * Training Requirements
  3. Expand Master Mariners Horizons
  4. News Letter
  5. Quarterly Seminar
  6. Website

Strategy 2 : Support to members

  1. Insurance to Master
  2. Grievance Cell
  3. Dissemination of Information
  4. Career counseling
  5. Welfare of families
  6. Seek feedback from Members

Strategy 3 : Enhance our Role / Increase circle of influence.

  1. Annual Plan
  2. Consultancy
  3. Create a Lobby
  4. Improve our Image
  5. Create a Maritime Constituency
  6. Career Counseling
  7. Causality Analysis
  8. Investigation

Strategy 4 : Increase of Membership

  1. All Master Mariners in India should be our members
  2. Membership to be advocated at the training ship level.

Strategy 5 : Interaction with others.

  1. Interaction with Professional bodies
  2. Participate in Manpower development.
  3. Enhance circle of influence.
  4. Interact with industry
  5. Increase our representation with Govt. Bodies
  6. Work jointly with local Professional Organization.
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